Out of Print Book - A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux

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This classic out-of-print and rare book made a major contribution to the study of art, ethnology, culture and history of the Lakota people. It has over 400 descriptive drawings by Amos Bad Heart Bull done between 1890 until his death in 1913.

The drawings then went to his sister Pretty Cloud in 1926. Amos was born in 1869 and his father was a band historian.Helen Blish, a graduate student, learned of the drawings while looking for Indian art. During her research she interviewed He Dog and Short Bull on Pine Ridge Reservation with interpreter John Colhoff. Samuel Charger, Itazipco Lakota, also helped from Cheyenne River Reservation. Copies of the manuscript drawings were made and the original ledger book was buried with Mrs. Pretty Cloud in 1947. The book contains many drawings and history about the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 and Lakota-Crow fights dating back to 1856. The book is not just an Oglala history as the title suggests but includes other Lakota bands such as the Minnicoujou, Hunkpapa, Itazipco, Oohenumpa, and Siha Sapa.The Cheyenne and Crow are also included. Readers may understand the reference to the term Oglala Dakota which does not exist. Many authors used that term in error.

Condition: The actual book is in good condition, barely any page yellowing and the cloth covered board has some dust damage which is barely visible. Shelf wear is only visible at the corners. The box cover is stained from water drops and there is some definite shelf wear all around. There is some edge tearing but the box is still intact.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Helen H. Blish | Drawings by Amos Bad Heart Bull
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 66-13404
Publication Details:
#176 of 200, limited edition | 1967 | University of Oklahoma Press
Book Details:
Hard cover, 537 pages