In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse - Novel

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Jimmy McClean is a Lakota boy, though you wouldn't guess it by his name.  His mother is Lakota, and this father is half white and half Lakota.  Over summer break, Jimmy embarks on a journey with his grandfather, Nyles High Eagle.  While on the road, his grandfather tells him the story of Crazy Horse, one of the most important figures in Lakota, an American history.

Expertly intertwining fiction and nonfiction, celebrated author Joseph M. Marshall III chronicles the many heroic deeds of Crazy Horse, especially his taking up arms against the U.S. government.  He fiercely fought against encroachments on the territories and way of life of the Lakota people, including leading a war party to victory at the Battle of the Greasy Grass (the Battle of the Little Bighorn) and playing a major and dangerous role as decoy at the Battle of the Hundred in the Hands (the Fetterman Battle).  With Sitting Bull, Crazy horse was the last of the Lakota to surrender his people to the U.S. Army.  Through his grandfather's tales about the famous warrior, Jimmy learns about his Lakota heritage and ultimately, himself.

Drawing references and inspiration from the oral stories of the Lakota tradition, Marshall gives readers an insider's perspective on the life of Tasunke Witko, better known as Crazy Horse.


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Additional Info

Joseph M. Marshall III
Book Details:
Published 2015, Hardcover, 166 pages