Feather, Stone, & Light - R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, & Will Clipman

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Feather, Stone, and Light - Something ethereal...of the earth...of illumination...and threeness, a trialogue between distinct voices, an alchemical blending of disparate elements into a new alloy..like the airborne feather, the music arises out of improvisation, like stone forming in the molten heart of the earth, it moves with patient certainty toward straucture and like light, it quickens and enlivens what it touches.

Songs include: 
1. Where Giants Walk
2. Feather, Stone, & Light
3. Prelude to the Storm
4. Savannah Sojourn
5. The Lake Inside the Flower
6. Sonoran Raga
7. Silhouettes
8. Midnight in the Sacred Grove
9. River Dawn
10. Running Down the Sun
11. Dreaming the World
12. Three Worlds
13. Runes
14. Raven Wind
15. Restless Spirits
16. Last Wild River
17. Afternoon at Uluru
18. Stealing Thunder


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Additional Info

Additional Info

R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, & Will Clipman
Publication Details:
Canyon Records, 1995