Deer Women and Elk Men: The Lakota Narratives of Ella Deloria (Out of Print)

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While Ella Deloria is known as a linguist and ethnologist and as author of the novel, "Waterlily", many readers may not know that she also wrote extensively in several Dakota dialects.  Trained under Franz Boas, Deloria collected stories, autobiographies, and extensive descriptions of all aspects of Lakota life in the 1920's and 1930's, when the memories of her informants extended well back into camp circle days.  She wrote the interviews from memory - first in Lakota then in English, creating a literary extension of the oral tradition.  In this first extended critical study of Deloria's work, Rice claims her as a major American writer.  

In discussing Deloria's "Dakota Texts", Rice selects the theme of sexuality because it presents social and spiritual problems that are resolved in the narratives.  In addition, a comparison of such issues in Lakota narratives and in familiar Shakespeare plays highlights Lakota values and serves to contextualize Deloria's work.  English translations of the thirteen stories under discussion provided in an appendix for ease of reference.

This particular Out of Print copy of "Deer Women and Elk Men" was originally published in 1992 from the University of New Mexico Press.  It's in relatively good condition with little wear and tear, the binding is in tact, and the pages are in good condition as well.  The book is also hardcover equipped with dust jacket.


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Additional Info

Julian Rice
Publication Details:
1992, University of New Mexico Press
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Hardcover w/ dust jacket, 211 pages