Children's Book - Red Cloud's War: Brave Eagle Account of the Fetterman Fight (Dec. 21,1866)

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With just 80 soldiers, Captain Fetterman had boasted that he could defeat the entire Lakota nation. He would get his chance to prove it against Red Cloud and Crazy Horse.

The year was 1866, the Civil War had just ended and the Bozeman Trail was the shortest route for prospectors to reach the gold rush territory of Montana - except that is passed straight through the lands of the powerful Oglala Lakota! When the U.S. government demanded the construction of forts along the trail, the situation quickly dissolved into war. In this commemorative edition, marking the 150th anniversary of Red Cloud's War, Goble recounts the tale of events through the eyes of Brave Eagle, a fictional young Lakota warrior. This new edition features an original never before published layout, updated work and edited text, digitally enhanced artwork and a new forewrod by Robert Lewis, an award winning storyteller and author of Cherokee, Navajo and Apache descent. (ages 6 and up).


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