Book - Urban Tribes: Native Americans in the City

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Whether they've recently arrived from the rez or their family has lived in the city for generations, young urban Natives routinely face this question: "How Native are yo if you live in the city?"

In Urban Tribes, over 30 young urban Natives share their stories, poems, and art chronicling how they connect to their culture, break down stereotypes, and use their indigenous world views to create a better future for all.

Review by Anita: In the United States, 5.2 million people identify as Native American, American Indian, or Alaska Native. Native Americans are 1.7% of total US population. Moreover, 61% of Native Americans live off the reservation. In Canada, 1.4 million people identify as Aboriginal, First Nations, Metis or Inuit. Aboriginals are 4.3% of total population of Canada, whereas 56% of Aboriginal people live off the reserve. “So, just how connected are you to your indigenous roots if you live downtown?” is the question many urban Native youth face today. The editors of “Urban Tribes” wanted to show case the artists, the academics, the bankers, biologists, and the growing number of urban Native professionals who are still mostly invisible. The research and interviews in this particular book were driven by curiosity to learn more about the urban Native youth and the ways in which they stay connected to their culture. As a result this book provides stories, poems, and conversations which allow the readers to get a glimpse at what it means to be an urban Native youth.


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Additional Info

Mary Beth Leatherdale
Publication Details:
Annick Press (September 9, 2015)
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Soft Cover, 136 pages