Book - Cherokee Tragedy: The Ridge Family and the Decimation of a People

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"This deeply-researched, fascinating portrayal of the Ridges provides a much needed broadening of our perspective of perhaps the greatest and saddest epic of Indian-White history in the United States. It is indispensable to the scholar, but also enthralling and eye-opening to the general reader. A notable work, indeed." ~Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.

This superbly researched and sympathetically written study is a classic in the field of Cherokee history. Wilkins has not only produced a moving biography of the influential Ridge-Watie family in the years 1790-1840, but he has also given us many new insights into white America's betrayal of the Native Americans from whom it stole a continent. This story of the Ridge family's part in that struggle captures the heart of the tragic conflict.


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