Bear Butte: Sentinel of the Plains

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This book covers the history and the stories of Bear Butte and includes great text and photography.  Bear Butte asserts a powerful presence in the physical world and, at the same time, hints at an entirely different world.  On clear days, the Bear Butte of rock and vegetation can be spotted from nearly a hundred miles across western South Dakota's prairie's.  When the sun sinks low the physical butte casts a long, pointed shadow eastward across those prairies.  But the Bear Butte of mystery and religion reaches infinitely farther, making its way into the stories and souls of the people who have never seen the physical butte.

Bear Butte has been called the sentinel, omnipresent and unmistakable as an orientation point, beckoning wanderers to rendezvous with other wanderers.  Those who have been drawn include Sweet Medicine, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Jim Bridger, George Custer, and a people leaving home on a forced relocation march.


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Paul Higbee
Photography by:
Les Voorhis
Publication Details:
Royal Tine Publishing, 2009
Book Details:
Hardcover, 120 pages