Quilled Scabbard w. Light Cavalry Sabre

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The "capturing" of items from battle between the Cavalry and the Native Americans was both celebrated and revered. An enemy was not disrespected and the property obtained in battle from an enemy was not disrespected. Decorating and carrying an item from an enemy had many messages, one message may be "We might be friends or brothers in another life."

Non-Native American artist O.J. Laier III uses a reproduction scabbard that is covered with smoked elk leather and secured with black and white seed beads. He has attached leather thongs with solid brass beads. The quillwork is magnificent! O.J. uses shades of red, purple, blue, green and yellow for the designs. There is a small shield with two feathers at the top of the scabbard mixed with stars and swirl images along the rest of the scabbard. As a final touch, he adds a quilled section at the brass hand guard. The brass hand guard has a leather wrapped handle.

Fringe along cover is 12 inches long. There is a single leather dangle from the handle that hangs 19 inches. The brass hand guard measures 4 1/4 inches by 4 1/4 inches.


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