Quilled Band Dog Soldier Headdress w. Wild Turkey Tail Fan

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Non-Native American artist O.J. Laier III creates this stunning historical piece to commemorate the life of a warrior who was a member of the revered Dog Soldier Society.

O.J. uses domestic turkey feathers, that have been dyed black, and adds smaller white feathers to the tips to imitate magpie feathers. He adds a quilled band that has been edged with small glass beads. There are also long leather ties so the headdress can be secured. He finishes the decoration of the headdress with a wild turkey tail fan and a balance that features imitation eagle fluffs.

Length 31 | Width 19 | Deep 32 inches
Length 78.7 | Width 48.8 | Deep 81.3 cm
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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