Native American Made Crow Style Doll (small): w.Red Wool Dress

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Created by Native American / Crow artist Mary Lou Big Day, she creates a doll with the distinct style of clothing known to the Crow tribe of Montana. This little doll has red earth pigments on her face and in her hair, the white dots are also created with earth pigments.

She has little mother of pearl shell earrings with a single red bead. She has a blue turquoise bead necklace with imitation elk teeth. Her dress is made from red wool cloth with small white beads to imitate shells. Mary Lou adds beadwork to her dress. Her belt is leather with silver spots. She has a wooden stick with a horse hair dangle in her right hand. Her moccasins and leggings are made from white deer leather.

Length 9 | Width 5 1/2 | Depth 2 1/4 inches
Length 22.8 | Width 14 | Depth 5.6 cm
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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