Native American Made: Blue Blackfoot Hand Rattle

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Native American artist Jim Little Wounded skillfully puts together a hand rattle, a rattle is used to help commune with the spirits and focus your prayers.

Jim cuts deer rawhide into the shape of a hand, he sews the edges together and then fills it with sand (to help hold the shape while it is drying). Once the rattle is completely dry, he drains the sand out, adds rocks and beads and then finishes sewing the hand closed. He decorates the hand with acrylic paint, glass beads and small feathers. Jim finishes the rattle with a glass bead wrapped handle. The piece is signed by the artist.

Measurements: Height 17 | Width 5.5 | Depth 3 (inches). Height is measured to the end of the leather dangles.
*Note: All Measurements are approximate.


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