Native American Indian Beaded Cradleboard: "Many Buffalo"

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Created by Native American Indian beadwork artist Brenda DuBray, these buffalo are depicted moving across the side of the cradle, along with their tracks and a large geometric pattern.

Brenda uses the soft pearl finish beads for the background color. The buffalo are done in tones of brown with black for the horns, hooves, nose and eyes. She has added a stylized beaded geometric pattern on turquoise green background for the top of the cradle. The colors radiate with brilliance. The beaded cradle is attached to a wooden board back, Brenda decorated the boards with brass spots. She has also added two stylized beaded turtle amulet and a mini pair of beaded moccasins. The cradleboard is also adorned with long leather ties that feature brass cones and brass bells. The leather used is commercially tanned deer hide. The piece is signed by the artist.

Length 49 | Width 14 | Deep 10 1/2 inches
Length 124.5 | Width 35.5 | Deep 26.7 cm
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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