Native American Hand Carved: Elk Facing Elk Tamper

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Native American artist Jim Little Wounded hand carves this little tamper with two Elk facing each other, Elk are special to Jim and he often dreams about them.

Jim uses a single piece of wood and carves the faces and horns of the elk with a long shaft for stirring your smoking mixtures. Jim stains the wood and paints the images with acrylic paint. He finishes the decoration of this piece with dyed porcupine quills, tin cone with horse hair dangles and a brass bell with glass beads dangle. The piece is signed by the artist.

Height 15.25 inches | Width .5 inch | Depth .75 inch
Length 38.7 cm | Width 1.2 cm | Depth 1.9 cm
*Note: All Measurements are approximate.


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