Native American Beaded Wolverine Robe: Four Winds

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"This wolverine robe is designed with true respect to the wolverine and prayers to the wolverine spirit." ~Kevin D. Fast Horse, Sr. Kevin goes on to say, "Lakota warriors respected this ferocious animal for its great hunting skills and tenacity. It could bring down an elk or deer and chase away mountain lions or bears from their kills."

Kevin uses a commercially tanned wolverine robe with hair on. He beads the hide side with hand cut glass Italian beads. He puts his signature geometric design right at the center and then adds a wolverine track above and below it. Kevin adds four beaded rosettes, a beaded cover for the tail and beaded covers for the eyes. He finishes the decoration of the piece with abalone shells, solid brass beads and glass beads. The piece is signed by the artist.

Length 39 | Width 25 inches
Length 99.1 | Width 63.5 cm
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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