Dog Soldier Headdress w. Quilled Band

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Non-Native American crafts person O.J. Laier III creates this historical piece with a large wild turkey tail fan for the back of the headdress and a rich red quilled headband. Dog Soldiers are the defenders of the tribe and the wearer of this headdress would fight to the death for his people.

O.J. uses a minimum of 400 prepared feathers for these headdresses. He begins with domestic turkey feathers that have been dyed completely black, each feather has to be prepped with wraps at the end, feather fluffs added to the other end and then attached to the felt cap. O.J. then adds the quilled headband and the turkey tail fan to the back of the headdress, at the very top he adds a balance that features a tuft of feather fluffs. the turkey tail fan also features red hackles, rabbit fur tufts and horse hair.

Length 40 | Width 24 | Deep 32 inches
Length 101.6 | Width 61 | Deep 81.3 cm 
*Note: All measurements are approximate.


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