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Bonnie Halsey-Dutton - Spearfish, SD


Bonnie Halsey-Dutton, PhD in Art History and Education, is both a visual artist and a fine arts educator originating and living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Being a longtime resident of South Dakota impacts Dr. Halsey-Dutton’s choice of imagery, and her art explores lush Black Hills landscapes and the cultures that thrive within it.

Her engagement in global travel impacts her art and prompts her to examine the interconnectedness she witnesses within today’s global culture. Pattern and texture are motifs found within Dr. Halsey-Dutton’s art. In many of her paintings, pattern is utilized to suggest repeated behaviors that are evident throughout humankind’s history.

 * For images of available artwork, please call 1-800-541-2388 or email info@prairieedge.com.