Young Scouts: Drum Nation (Round Dance Songs) CD

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Songs Include: 
1. One More Time
2. Nikoodi Road
3. Life Givers
4. Dad's Jam
5. Sweet and Bouncy
6. McGilvery
7. Song for the Great One Late Mervin Dreaver
8. Willy Jack Attack

Singers: Rocky Morin, Lyle Tootoosis, Wavell Star, Allan Bonaise, Ian Crate, Terry Paskimin, Darrell Paskimin, and Marc LongJohn

Mixed and Mastered by: Lucas Alexis
Produced:Young Scouts
Album Art: Jayde WIZWON Goodon

A Word From the Artists: 
Young Scouts started in 2001 when a few of us started composing and singing our songs at round dances.  Back then, we were very fortunate to sing alongside legends that later became friends.  With our ongoing respect of these past and present round dance legend singers, we wanted to star a group to honor these friendships.  Their talent and style had a big influence on our guys, as a group we decided to start Young Scouts.  


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