Small Light of Discretion: A Novel of Factual History Regarding Treachery and the Expulsion of the Utes (book 3 of 3)

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Charles Wolfe Collins has been investigating various clandestine matters for influential Washington politicians since 1865, having been a confidential operative for General Grant during the War of the Rebellion. In late summer of 1879, he is sent upon a mission into Colorado to assess the disintegrating state of affairs between the mercenary ambitions of white men and the treaty prerogatives of Ute Indian peoples. Drawn into a quagmire of hired provocateurs, vitriolic newspaper propaganda, fraudulent government contractors, a delusionary Indian agent and the baffled frustration of irate Ute chiefs, Charles Collins is charged with preventing a violent collision between U.S. cavalry troops and Ute warriors dedicated to protecting their families. Formidable economic and political interests are determined to contrive a situation within which the Ute people may be decisively eliminated while Collins seeks to unravel the tangle of deception, ultimately placing his trust in a fierce and mercurial war chief. Racing against time, they endeavor to disrupt the predictable outcome of an impending catastrophe.

(book 3 of 3 of the Discretion series)


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Additional Info

J. Hoolihan Clayton
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papeback, 376 pages, 2022