Short Flair Headdress: Beaded - Red

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Non-Native American craft worker O.J. Laier III has beaded a red, black, white, and green geometric design with a periwinkle blue border into the headband piece of the headdress.

These feathers are crafted from a domestic turkey and they have been dyed and painted to look like eagle feathers. O.J. prepares the feathers further with red wool cloth wraps, domestic chicken fluffs and hawk bells between the feathers and the headband. At the tips and center of each feather, there are rabbit fluffs and white horse hair are attached and dangles to the very end. At the sides of the headband, O.J. has added abalone shell discs with colorful silk ribbons and leather tassels. At the back of the headdress, O.J. has added a quill wrapped balance with more imitation fluffs.

Length 33 inches | Width 18 inches | Depth 30 inches
Length 83.82 cm | Width 47.72 cm | Depth 76.2 cm
*All measurements are approximate


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Additional Info

O.J. Laier III