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Harvested fresh and dried to preserve the natural essential oils, this cleansing herb has been used by the Plains Indians for thousands of years in purification rituals and is the most popular Native American botanical across North America.

As a dried herb, Artimisia is closely connected to the tribal beliefs and traditions of many cultures. Used by the Plains Indians for thousands of years, it is the most popular Native American botanical across North America. While there are many varieties throughout the world, we harvest our plants fresh from South Dakota in June. The leaves are carefully dried to preserve the natural essential oils of this cleansing herb.

Not only are the cool leaves soothing and fragrant, the appearance of this herb marks one of the great seasonal ceremonial cycles for Northern Plains Indians. During Native American rituals such as the Sundance and the Hanbleceya (crying for a dream or vision quest,) beds of fresh Artimisia restore and refresh participants while the earthy aroma grounds tribal members, tying them to their purpose.

Outside of these important ceremonies, plant smudging is used by people from all walks of life to cleanse a space. As a purification ritual, the Native Americans believe the smell of burning sage pleases the spirits while the smoke repels bad influences. This ancestral connection between smoke and spirit, to both attract positive energy and remove negative energy, is represented across our continent and the world.

If you are interested in learning how to burn sage, our Tribe Scribe article, How to Smudge with Prairie Sage, is a great place to start.

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Joe Allen Sep 19th 2020

Grandfather sage

This sage is actually Grandmother Sage. Not your typical sage. It's aroma is extremely pleasant and soothing. The color is white as is all grandfather/grandmother sage. The potency is that of the best quality of grandmother sage. The price is worth every gram of it. Shipping is higher than normal but I understand there's handling included in the shipping price.

Shannon Bixby Castro Sep 16th 2020


Was not as Leafy as previous bundles I bought in past years . Also the sweet grass keeps going up in price. Over all I do like buying from this store walk in especially.

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