Re-Bisoning the West: Restoring an American Icon to the Landscape (book)

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Millions of majestic bison once roamed territory stretching from Alaska to Mexico.  The awe-inspiring species, designated the National Mammal of the United States in 2016, has come close to extinction - and great effort needed to preserve it for future generations.  Award-winning journalist Kurt Repanshek traces the history of bison from their Ice Age ancestors to present-day strategies to bring them back to the landscape - and the biological, political, and cultural hurdles confronting this work.  Repanshek explores Native Americans' relationships with bison and represents a forward-thinking approach to returning this keystone species to the West and improving the health of ecosytems.


Kurt Repanshek is the founder and editor-in-chief of National Parks Traveler, the only editorially independent media organization dedicated to daily coverage of national parks and protected areas.  His work has appeared in Smithsonian, Audubon, National Geographic Traveler, and numerous other periodicals.


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Additional Info

Kurt Repanshek
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paperback, 233 pages, 2019