Pendleton Blanket: Legendary Series - Buffalo Nation Pte Oyate

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Four buffalo gather around a  medicine wheel, pointing outward in the sacred Four Directions. The Lakota people depend on Pte, the bison, for food, clothing, and shelter. 

In Lakota ceremonies, Pte were thanked and honored as “The Buffalo People.” Artist Jim Yellowhawk uses an ancient style in this design to illustrate Mitakuye Oyasin or “We are all related”: a belief that all living creatures are family and by listening to each other, we can live in harmony and peace.

64 x 80 inches
162 x 203 cm

Artist: Imagery created by Jim Yellow Hawk (Lakota & Iroquois) for Pendleton Woolen Mills.

Made in the U.S.A.

Dry Clean Only | 82% wool and 18% cotton


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John J Finazzo Sr Nov 1st 2020

Buffalo Nation Blanket Legendary Series Pte Oyate

I could not be more pleased with this beautiful Buffalo Nation Pte Oyate Blanket. Artist Jim Yellowhawks illustration Mitakuye Oyasin "We are all related" resonates with me to my core. I could not be happier. Thank You!

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