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Book Details: Hardcover with jacket sleeve, limited Edition, published 1970, 126 pages

Book Condition: The book itself does have wear and tear, especially along the spine. However, the pages and binding are all in tact and the rest of the book is in relatively good condition, save for the spine. The dust jacket sleeve also shows some wear and tear along the corners and edges. The cover picture on the dust jacket sleeve is worn around the edges and has what seems to be a little bit of sticker residue in the top left corner.

Synopsis: Long used as a source for scholarship on the Battle of the Little Bighorn, McLaughlin's classic memoir is a fascinating read. Acquainted with all of the major Native American personalities of the late 19th century, McLaughlin had opportunities to question them at length about their involvement in Custer's last battle.

Though more recent research has brought into question some of the Indian accounts in this book, many of them stand and the first-person perspectives are invaluable.

In addition, McLaughlin's many years of contact with the Sioux made him an admiring and honest friend. He advocated for policies that were fair to the Indians and, like many others of the period, saw westward expansion as an irreconcilable force that was overwhelming the Native Americans while not supporting their extraordinarily difficult transition to a new way of life.


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