Out of Print Book: Dog Soldiers, Bear Men and Buffalo Woman

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The book itself has little wear and tear but overall in good condition.  The dust jacket has more of the wear to it with a few rips and tears in the corners and towards the top of the spine.  Overall, the book is in fairly good shape!

During the years between 1750 and 1850, the Plains Indian nations achieved a way of life rich and sophisticated in its every dimension: religion, heritage, tradition, government, family life, social life, crafts, hunting skills and warfare.  Along with these accomplishments came a profusion of splendid ceremonies and regalia ranking with the finest the world has ever seen.  The greater part of these by far were directly associated with warrior societies, civil societies, etc.  It is these particular societies that that Thomas E. Mails examines closely within the pages of this book.

1st Edition, published 1973


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Additional Info

Thomas E. Mails
Book Details:
Hardcover with dust jacket, 388 pages
1st Edition, published 1973