New Lakota Dictionary - 3rd Edition

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This 3rd Edition of the New Lakota Dictionary with over 41,000 Lakota entries provides a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly reference text and serves as a central component of the revitalization movement. It is an indispensable resource for advanced language users as well as beginning students of the language and has many innovative features including:

  • Over 41,000 word entries
  • Over 50,000 example sentences, usage notes, and collocations.
  • 25,000 entries that have not been previously documented in any other Lakota dictionary;
  • A modern layout that makes it easy to find words and their usage.
  • A standard orthography that adequately marks all meaningful sounds in the language
  • Descriptions of word-stems and stem nests.
  • A consistent orthography that reliably reflects pronunciation;
  • Conjugation included in entries of verbs;
  • 5,000 entries with new or enhanced content.
  • Upgraded system of abbreviations for verb categories, valency numbers, and their derivational
  • Example sentences now include a refined use of commas, hyphens, and dashes to reflect
    compounding, subordination and intonation.
  • A new grammar section that covers new discoveries in Lakota morphology and syntax.

The volume forms the foundation for Lakota and Dakota languages and provides the basis upon which students, teachers, and community members can move forward with confidence in restoring the living language.


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Additional Info

Lakota Language Consortium
Book Details:
3rd edition, 1420 pages, 2022