Native American Made: Miniature Hand Made Man’s Camp Set

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This new piece is by local Native American artist Tim Lammers (Oglala Lakota), he creates a complete camp with the tools needed for everyday life on the Plains.

Each piece is meticulously created and includes stone tipped arrows, sinew rope, grinding stones, a bow drill fire starter, a throwing stick for hunting, lances, a complete bow set, shield, clubs, knife and more… an incredible 27 parts with more sub parts. 

Tim added painted hides to enhance the displays authentic look but more than that, he paints with earth paints on brain tanned hide, he rubs some of the pieces with bone to finish them, he sinew wraps and then includes extra sinew thread. One of the small bundles is everything you need to start your daily fire. The detailing is incredible and accurate.

When assembled the whole tripod stands 20 inches tall by 12 inches across and 12 inches deep. How far out it spreads from there depends on your imagination.

Measures: Tripod only
Height 20 | Width 12 | Deep 12 inches
All measurements are approximate.


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