Native American Carved Horse Dance Stick: Buffalo Hunter

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Native American artist Jim Little Wounded, Minneconjou Lakota Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, carves this horse dance stick and then paints it to commemorate a buffalo hunt. Your horse had to be steady and fast to help bring down a charging buffalo.

Jim paints his imagery with acrylic paint. He uses real horse hair for the forelock, mane and tail. He adds an imitation eagle feather to the front legs and the back legs. Jim adds a beaded amulet of the hunter who rode this horse. He finishes the decoration of the piece with leather dangles that feature glass beads and metal bells.

The piece is signed by the artist.

Length 36 | Height 7 | Deep 2 inches
The feathers hang an extra 13 inches and the horse hair hangs an extra 17 inches.
All measurements are approximate.


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