Grassland Plants of South Dakota and the Northern Great Plains (Book)

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In the grasslands of South Dakota and the northern Great Plains are many hidden treasures.  Anywhere in the state - in the east where the strands of grass are elegantly tall and thick, n the central Missouri River section, and in the west where low-growing plants scatter thinly across the landscape - in any month from spring through fall, look closely and you will find plants of unexpected and striking beauty.  They are integral parts of our heritage, of our biosystem.

In this guide you will find portrait-quality photos and descriptions of many grassland plants.  You will learn about their value to grazing animals and consequently to our nation's food supply, their place as food and medicine for American Indians, and their importance as food  and habitat for wildlife big and small.  You will be amazed at their often overlooked beauty.  Step out onto the prairie with this guide and discover these hidden gems of the grasslands for yourself


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Additional Info

James R. Johnson & Gary E. Larson
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Paperback, 288 pages, 2016 reprint