Original Ledger Art / Mixed Media: Parading Their Captured Horses - Tipi Liner Drawing

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This particular piece of artwork, "Parading Their Captured Horses - Tipi Liner Drawing," by Lakota Sioux artist, Don Montileaux, is unique in a several ways. It is a mixed media piece in which he has done a colored pencil and ink drawing on a collage of antique ledger paper (dated 1894) attached to canvas. It is meant to resemble a tipi liner drawing. A tipi liner is an extra layer of leather put up on the lower portion of the inside of a tipi to create an extra layer of insulation. Images were often drawn on the tipi liner as decoration and to record specific events. This image is of a group of Native American warriors riding through their camp showing off the horses they had just captured. The downward facing, silver triangles the artist drew represent the tipi poles behind the liner. Don also added some cut-out medicine wheels and brass tacks, adding a bit of surface dimension. 

Frame: Width 39 | Height 27 (inches)
Image: Width 35.5 | Height 23.5 (inches)

All measurements are approximate.


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