Original Ledger Art: Four Bears

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"Four Bears" by Evans Flammond, Sr. is a colored pencil and ink portrait on 1888 ledger paper of the famous and revered Mandan chief who lived from around the late 1700s until 1837.

Evans Flammond, Sr., a Lakota ledger artist, has used colored pencil and ink on two ledger sheets still attached to create his rendition of a portrait of the famous Mandan Chief, Mato-Tope or "Four Bears". In the portrait, Four Bears wears a shirt made of bighorn sheep skins embroidered with brightly dyed porcupine quills. His leggings are quilled deer skin and his moccasins are quilled buck skin. Four Bears was widely known to be quite a gentleman and kind and courteous to his friends, including white folk. But he was also a respected warrior who was feared by his enemies. His ferocity and bravery in battle earned him the honor of many feathers adorning his headdress which was also decorated with polished buffalo horns and many ermine skins. Four Bears was a great chief who died tragically of small pox in 1837. His legend lives on through stories and the portraits created of him. This recent ledger drawing is done on antique 1880 paper and is framed with conservation mats and glass.

Measurements: Width 29.5 | Height 39 | Depth 1 (inches)
All measurements are approximate.


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