Discovering History's Heroes: Susan La Flesche Picotte-Pioneering Doctor (Young Reader's Edition)

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Meet the people who make history happen.

When Susan La Flesche Picotte was a young girl, he watched an older woman on her Omaha Indian reservation grow sicker and sicker as she waited for a doctor.  But the doctor never came, and the next morning, the woman was dead.  Young Susan was angered by the injustice.  it was the doctor's job to help sick, suffering people - but he couldn't be bothered to help the Omaha woman who needed him.

Susan remembered that sad night for the rest of her life.  She promised herself that if she ever got the chance, she wouldn't let people suffer.  Not if she could help them.  Even though it was difficult at the time for women to gain access to higher education, Susan was determined to become a doctor one day.  It took years of study and years of fighting a system that seemed structured against her, but she never gave up.  And in 1889, she became  the first Native American woman to earn a medical degree.

Susan kept her promise, and she returned to the reservation to care for anyone who needed medical help.  She made a huge difference to her people, and in the lives of many generations to come.


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Additional Info

Diane Bailey
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Paperback, 138 pages, 2021