Children's Book: Jumping Mouse - A Native American Legend of Friendship and Sacrifice

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Jumping Mouse has a dream―a dream to reach the fabled High Places. But, one small mouse can’t make the difficult journey alone. At the start of her journey, Jumping Mouse is gifted new long legs from wise Grandfather Frog. Filled with gratitude, she soon meets others who need assistance just like she did: a buffalo that cannot see and a wolf that cannot smell. In order to aid them, she must sacrifice her own sight and hearing, putting her dream of the High Places at risk. Through perseverance and belief, Jumping Mouse discovers who she was truly meant to be, and demonstrates the value of friendship, selflessness, and sacrifice.

Characters come to life through striking photographs of ash-fired ceramic sculptures, giving a fresh twist to this retelling of a timeless tale from the oral tradition.


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Additional Info

Misty Schroe
Book Details:
Hardcover, 32 pages, 2019