Plants Of The Black Hills And Bear Lodge Mountains - Book

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Some 600 plants of the Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mountains of western South Dakota and Wyoming--plants that may be showy or shy, ecologically meaningful, troublesome, or significant because of their uses as foods and medicines by American Indians--are described and pictured in this field guide.

Whether you are a serious student of the natural sciences or a casual visitor to the Hills, you will want to keep this guide handy in the car or knapsack. In place of a personally guided tour by the authors, this book is the most colorful and most complete plant guide you can employ.


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Michael Jul 7th 2020

Plants Of The Black Hills And Bear Lodge Mountains

This is the best plant ID book that I have used, the pictures in it are great and the descriptions of each plant are very well done. If you are just starting out with plant ID or have been doing it for years and just need a reference once in awhile this book is for you. Prairie Edge was also a great place to order from. The shipping was fast and easy, I would definitely recommend ordering this book from them.

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