Western Art of the Twenty-First Century: Native Americans - Book

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The second book in this two-volume survey, readers are invited to re-examine the history of the West and its art through a multi-faceted contemporary lens. More than 30 artists are included who reflect the tremendous diversity, depth, and breadth of a field steeped in history. While some follow the traditions established by Remington and Russell, others seek to break from tradition, busting myths and bringing new insights and artistic styles to the genre. They come from both sides of the Mississippi and have pedigrees that range from bona fide cowboy or Native American credentials to careers in commercial illustration. The unifying theme is a common concern for and commitment to their art and the West itself. In this volume, contemporary artists are featured whose work revolves around Native Americans. A significant majority of the imagery produced featuring Native American subjects taps into the idea of a lost cause or vanishing race. Consequently, the most often heard request from native peoples is recognition that they still exist and in many cases are thriving as they revive or maintain their culture. The art created by artists herein also plays a role in helping reinforce the fact that Native American culture, while still threatened, is viable among many tribes.


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Additional Info

E. Ashley Rooney
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Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2018
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Hardcover, 143 pages