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This anthology republishes thirty-six narratives by twenty-eight explorers, scientists and travelers who visited the Northern Plains of the United States between 1804 and 1876.

From the book~ This is the story of exploration and travel on the Northern Plains of the United States from the time of the Louisiana Purchase to the year of the battle of the Little Big Horn. The Missouri river was the first important route of travel to this region. Along the Missouri a great trade in furs developed, flourished and died. The Missouri was a main supply line for the trader, the army and the miner. It was the first great tourist route to the Rocky Mountains.

Dimensions: Hardcover with dust jacket. The dust jacket does show some shelf wear. The hardcover is cloth covered board and is in excellent condition. The pages show some yellowing around the edges.


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Additional Info

Edited and Illustrated by: Lloyd McFarling
Publication Details:
First Edition | 1955 | The Caxton Printers, LTD., Caldwell, Idaho
Book Details:
Hard Cover, 441 pages