Lord Grizzly - A Novel

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Based on a true story, this book about a bear mauling outside of Lemmon SD has been made into several movies and is the main theme of this book "Lord Grizzly", written by Frederick Manfred as part of his "Buckskin Man" novels. What stands out the most about this story is the rise of the human spirit, no matter what happens, the spirit of survival and revenge kept this man alive long enough to see those who had abandoned him.

In 1823 he used Thunder Butte and Rattlesnake butte, both in Ziebach County, and on the Cheyenne River reservation, as a landmark as he crawled on a broken leg, severely injured from a grizzly bear attack. He made it to the Cheyenne River where he built a raft and traveled down to the Missouri River to Fort Kiowa, his destination point.

Hunter, trapper, resourceful fighter and scout, Hugh Glass was just a rugged man among other rugged American frontiersmen until he was mauled by a grizzly bear and left for dead by his best friends. Hugh's rage drove him to crawl two hundred miles across dangerous territory to seek revenge until he was no longer Hugh Glass but had become Lord Grizzly.

Book Review by Donovin Sprague.


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Additional Info

Frederick Manfred
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Bison Books; Special edition, A Bison Classic edition (June 1, 2011
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Soft cover, 310 pages