John Around Him - Lakota Ceremonial Songs CD & Book Set

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Book & CD set of Lakota Ceremonial Songs dedicated to the people who preserved Native ceremony and song.

Dedication from Albert White Hat, Sr.: This book and CD set is dedicated to the people who preserved our ceremonies and ceremonial songs during the years when governmental and missionary institutions tried to take them away from us. Some Lakota people took the ceremonies "underground." Others practiced them openly in spite of the consequences-institutional persecution, both physical and psychological. This book is also dedicated to the people who have (and are) bringing the ceremonies and ceremonial songs back into their rightful place in our society-the Medicine Men and Women, the Singers and the Icke Wicasa (The People). We are able to openly participate in ceremonies today, singing the songs in this book, because of the efforts of a few faithful people. May these people be honored in our society. - Albert White Hat, Sr. CD includes: An introduction by Albert White Hat, Sr. Lakota pronunciation guide Introduction by John Around Him Pipe Songs Purification Ceremony Songs Hanbleceya (Vision Quest) Songs Sun Dance Songs Closing statement by John Around Him


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Philip Easley Dec 28th 2021

This was an amazing gift

I was very impressed with how informative and detailed the book was. The recipient was extremely happy with the music and book both. Thank you for providing such an awesome product!!

Caroline Running Star Smith Mar 9th 2021

John Around Him ceremonial songs & book

Incredible. I only wish I would have discovered this while living in the black hills. My husband bought this for me & my daughter to learn the songs better. It comes with a full size book with English & lakota not just a insert in the cd box. Loving the teachings. Easy enough to understand that my 2 year old daughter is learning the songs with me. Pilamayaye

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