Children's Book: Black Elk's Vision, A Lakota Story

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BLACK ELK'S VISION provides a unique perspective on American history. Black Elk, a Lakota Oglala medicine man, lived from 1863 until 1950. the cousin of Crazy Horse, Black Elk was involved in the battles of the Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee. He also traveled to New York and Europe as part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Most important, however, was the vision he had as a young boy, which shaped his life.

Through the medicine man's own words,as well as historical documentation, author S.D. Nelson brings to life what it was like to be Native American in the mid- to late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The Native people found their land overrun by the Wha-shi-choos, or White man, the buffalo slaughtered for sport, and their people gathered onto reservations. Interspersing archival images with his own artwork, Nelson conveys how Black Elk clung to his childhood vision, which planted the seeds to help his people - understand their place in the Circle Of Life.


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