Book- Yuwipi: Lakota Songs of Healing

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Originally published as "Song Text", chapter 3 of Sacred Language: The Nature of Supernatural Discourse in Lakota (1986, pgs. 70-102).  This particular book includes Yuwipi songs in Lakota with the English translations/descriptions.

Book Includes:
Song 1: Filling the Pipe
Song 2: Four Directions Song
Song 3: Prayer Song
Song 4: Prayer Song
Song 5: Prayer Song
Song 6: Prayer Song
Song 7: Doctoring Song
Song 8: Doctoring Song
Song 9: Kettle Dance Song
Song 10: Kettle Dance Song
Song 11: Kettle Dance Song
Song 12: Untying Song
Song 13: Dance Song
Song 14: Dance Song (Untying Song)
Song 15: Gathering Up the Tobacco
Song 16: Song of the Departing Spirits
Song 17: Song of the Departing Spirits
Song 18: Filling the Pipe Song
Song 19: Declaration of Intent
Song 20: Prayer Song
Song 21: Prayer Song
Song 22: Doctoring Song
Song 23: Declaration of Intent
Song 24: Doctoring Song
Song 25: Gathering up the Tobacco
Song 26: Quitting Song


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Additional Info

Compiled by:
William K. Powers