Book: Traveler's Guide to the Great Sioux War

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This book opens by surveying geographical and political contexts of the war. Thereafter, the Traveler's Guide presents the story chronologically, from opening actions in the spring of 1876, through the death of Crazy Horse in September 1877 and the distant surrender of Sitting Bull in 1881. The narrative is broken by numbered “GETTING THERE” entries describing 54 locations critical to the Sioux War story. These highlighted texts describe respective battle and skirmish sites, forts, and landmarks as seen today, and provide essential directions for public access by vehicle as well as some historical insight to the various sites and landmarks. This revised edition of Traveler’s Guide to the Great Sioux War updates some thirty matters that have changed in the guide or on the Sioux War Trail since the book first appeared back in 1996.


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Additional Info

Paul L. Hedren
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paperback, 127 pages, reprint