Book: The Great Evil - Christianity, the Bible, and the Native American Genocide (Wosice Tanka Kin)

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The Great Evil reveals "hidden history": the dark, murderous side of the conquest of the Americas, Manifest Destiny, and American exceptionalism - and the pivotal role that Christianity played in providing justification for mass murder, wholesale land theft, enslavement, and outright extermination.

Relying heavily on the words of the conquerors and exterminators themselves - and on the Scripture they often cited to justify their crimes - The Great Evil exposes unknown, sinister sides of Christianity, the Bible, and American history.

Chris Mato Nunpa, PhD, is a retired associate professor in Indigenous Nations and Dakota Studies at Southwest Minnesota State University.  He received his doctorate from the University of Minnesota, and also studied at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary.  He is currently writing a memoir, Kill the Dakota, Save the Man.


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Additional Info

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Chris Mato Nunpa, PhD
Book Details:
Paperback, 199 pages (published 2020)