Book: Stand Like a Man - The Story of Duke "The Indian"

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The great-grandson of Chief Running Bull of the Yankton Sioux Tribe, Loren Duke Abdalla endured a harsh life growing up during the Great Depression. In his youth, he was a fighter, studying the techniques of boxing legend, Joe Louis. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1943 and was known as “The Indian”, due to his heritage. Duke served under Colonel Chesty Puller with the 1st Regiment during World War II in the Pacific and survived the bloody Battles of Peleliu & Okinawa. Facing civilian life, he struggled to cope with the memories of battle. Told in its honest simplicity, the story of Duke reveals a vital, personal account of a man with an indomitable spirit, seeking peace after experiencing the horrors of war. Cpl. Duke Abdalla was merited 69 years later with a review of his service for the Medal of Honor—and this is his story.


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Additional Info

Donna King-Nykolakcuyk
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Paperback, 224 pages (Published 2014)