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In 1971, the founders of what is now Oglala Lakota College set the foundation for excellence with two major goals which were to produce Indian graduates for jobs that exist on the Pine Ridge Reservation and the cultural component of students becoming more knowledgeable about their tribal history, culture, and their religious and social customs.  The vehicle for achieving these results was through a decentralized administrative structure.  Fifty years later, the founders would be amazed that their college has become such a prestigious institution who prioritizes the need of its students.  In this book, you will see the evidence of how Oglala Lakota College has become such an outstanding institution.

On the front dust cover of this book is the College's emblem with the book title of Oglala Lakota 50th Anniversary.  The front dust cover is the College's emblem with the four directions  on the top and bottom of the book cover.  The four directions of the Oglala Lakota people are west are West represented by the color black, East by the color yellow, South by the color white, and North by the color red.  The College's emblem was created by Edwin Fills the Pipe, a prominent Oglala Lakota Leader and a college faculty member.  On page 121 of this book is a statement of what the emblem represents.


OLC's 50th Anniversary retrospective book was a joint committee effort.  There were five committee members who had responsibility for creating this publication. They are OLC President Thomas Shortbull, Development Director Marilyn Pourier, Archivist Tawa Ducheneaux, Assistant to Vice-President for Instruction Jonnie Clifford, and retired faculty member Tony Fresquez.  This book includes the College's history from 1979-1993, student success stories, and a large variety of photos that make up a pictorial history of Oglala Lakota College.


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Oglala Lakota College
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Hardcover, 125 pages, 2021