Book: American Indians in U.S. History (2nd Edition)

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This concise survey tracing the experiences of American Indians from their origins to the present, has proven its value to both students and general readers in the decade since its first publication.  Now the second edition, drawing on the most recent research, adds information about Indian social, economic, and cultural issues in the twenty-first century.  Useful features include new brief biographies of important Native figures, an overall chronology, and updated suggested readings for each period of the last four hundred years.  The author traces tribal experiences through four eras: Indian America prior to the European invasions; the colonial period; the emergence of the United States as the dominant power in North America and its subsequent invasion of Indian lands; and the years from 1900 to the present.  Nichols uses both Euro-American sources and tribal stories to illuminate the problems Indian people and their leaders have dealt with in every generation.


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Additional Info

Roger L. Nichols
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paperback, 2nd edition 2014, 191 pages