A Kid's Guide To Native American History - Activity Book

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A Kid's Guide to Native American History features more than 50 hands-on activities, games and crafts that explore the diversity of Native American cultures and teach children about the people, experiences and events that have shaped Native American history.

* Make Iroquois corn husk dolls.
* Create a Lenni-Lenape storyteller bag.
* Design a Navajo-style Concho belt.
* Design Inupiat sun goggles.
* Play an Apache-like foot toss ball game.
* Create a Hawaiian Ma' o hau hele bag.

Kids will love learning about the contributions made by various Native nations across the country including the Mohawk, Penobscot, Ojibway, Shoshone, Navajo and Apache, among many others, through activities that highlight their arts, games, food, clothing, unique celebrations, language and lifeways. along the way kids will be inspired by Native people past and present including Chief Joseph, Sherman Alexie, Maria Tallchief, Nancy Ward and Ray Young Bear.

More than 50 Activities.

Authors: Yvonne Wakim Dennis & Arlene Hirschfelder.

Soft Cover: 226 pages



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Additional Info

Yvonne Wakim Dennis & Arlene Hirshfelder
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Soft Cover, 226 pages