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September 2015 Newsletter: Fall at Last

We are lucky, here in the Black Hills of South Dakota the change of season is pretty obvious and Mother Nature gives us a spectacular show of color as the last bits of life leave the tree foliage, grasses and flowers. There are a lot of deer moving around so be careful if you happen to be driving around South Dakota.


At the store we are kicking off Fall with an employee/artist show. Downtown Rapid City celebrates art every 2nd Friday from May - September and for the final Art Night Prairie Edge and the Sioux Trading Post will be celebrating artists who are also employees.


We've had a long relationship with many local artists and sometimes we luck out and get an employee who is also a talented artist. This night will include,


Ashley Montileaux, Kaylee Davey, Lexy Zenk - Migrating West Jewelry Making.

Michael Lekberg - Beadwork, lover of all things beaded.

Nancy Witt - Oglala Lakota shawl maker.

Cynthia Ross - Watercolor artist.

Ursula LaCroix - Jewelry making, Beadwork artist, lover of all things beaded.

Anthony Kitchens - Painted decks (for skateboards) painted tiles, painter, framer extraordinaire.

Dan Chapman - Co-Founder of Prairie Edge, re-production Native style artist.

Lynelle Chapman - (The better half) Painted mini shields.

Robert Medina - Beadwork artist, lover of all things beaded.


The event is on September 11, 2015 (Friday) from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. If you are in town stop down and celebrate with us.


Our next big event will be the nationally known Buffalo Roundup at Custer State Park. Listed as one of the great events for the U.S. it is a scene to behold for sure. There are many events surrounding the round-up and we are expecting a lot of friends and family visitors. So, happy roundup everyone and see you at the corrals.


Friday, September 25th is the 50th anniversary of this historic event.