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November 2013 Newsletter

Special thoughts for the month of November .    
Hi Everyone! it has been awhile and many things have changed for us. We do have new offerings on our Prairie Edge and Sioux Trading Post site and some special thoughts for the month of November.
From the Native American Gallery:

November is Native American Heritage Month, a proclamation by the President of the United States made this official. It sure is nice to get a month and here at the store we celebrate Native culture and heritage everyday, one such item that pays homage to culture and relationships is this piece by local Lakota artist Jim Little Wounded

Jim's incredible art is based on his heritage and the teachings of his elders. He has never been very far away from his culture and still uses it today to teach others.

Native American Carving: Buffalo Horn Spoon
Buffalo Horn Spoon w. Warrior Effigy
Part of those teachings is the ancient art form of quill work, this labor intensive craft takes time, patience and can only be done one way.  There are no machines that can speed this up.


Jim has a story for every piece and he is extremely interesting when he tells the story of how a piece creates itself first (in his mind) and then "bugs" him until it becomes an actual item you can hold in your hands.



From the Book & Music Store:

Another aspect of Native American Heritage is the honoring of Veterans. This Veterans Day, please remember to thank your veterans for making it possible to live the life you have, to speak out against injustice and the freedom of choice.

The bookstore has many books about heroic acts by local Lakota and Native American men and women who stood against injustice and made the choice to defend the land  and lives of their ancient people.

Dakota Oyate member, Woodrow Wilson Keeble earned the respect of his men on the battlefield in a far away country named Korea.  The testimony of the many men who served with him tells the tales of a stoic, quiet spoken man who performed above and beyond the call of duty, many of those men would have followed him anywhere.

Cover: WWI veteran Harvier Adams, a Pima
Warriors in Uniform: The Legacy of American Indian Heroism
Warriors in Uniform is a broad look at Native American cultural beliefs when warriors are brought home and honored by their respective tribes. There are some instances of special rituals that allow the warrior to let go of the evil that war brings to a man or woman's heart or soul. 

The many honoring ceremonies and honoring Pow Wow's for these brave men and women help the whole community to share in the joy and sorrows of a loved one who has served this great nation of ours.

This special look at warriors and veterans via the Native American is an enlightening experience.
Native American Themed Art: The Times
The Times


The fineart gallery has also added a piece by JoAnne Bird who is a local Dakota Sioux artist. 

This beautiful acrylic piece named "The Times" depicts warriors riding across the vast prairie together.

American Indian Beadwork: Beaded Bracelet
Beaded Bracelet: Feathers & Lightning Design


The Sioux Trading Post has added more beadwork and "fabulous" is a word that can be used to describe these small pieces of art.

We are currently selling this years sweet grass braids and South Dakota sage.  All the rain was good for the plants and they smell wonderful.

We are stocked up on Czech beads and are getting our Italian beads cataloged and organized.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Pendleton: Coats, Shirts, Bags & More!
Pendleton Items Now Available


And, did we mention we have Pendleton apparel, accessories and cups!

They are not available on-line yet but I bet we can get you some images and prices if you are interested.

Call us toll free at 800-541-2388 and let's talk about the new Pendleton items available at Prairie Edge.

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us and we hope you are having a really great fall!

Prairie Edge & Sioux Trading Post Staff
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