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July Newsletter: What's been happening this summer?

What's been happening this summer is that we've been busier than ever before. It looked bleak for about a week while it rained hard but the rain went away, the sun came out and everything turned super green.

Sage is Back!

With each new day, we see more friends and family as ceremony season is in full swing. The sage is available again, unfortunately we haven't found another source for red willow (we are working on it) so hopefully this years winter time harvest will be better.
Sage is available in bundles by the pound, 1/2 pound and 1/4 pound and as an added feature we are also selling ounce bags of loose leaf (no stems), 1/2 pound of loose leaf and pound bags of loose leaf sage.

Smudge kits are also available, this is a abalone shell with some loose leaf South Dakota sage, it makes a convenient gift. 

75th Motorcycle Rally

We would like to welcome all the visitors to this years 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (August 3-9) and what an event it will be. For those folks who are not familiar with this event it is the motorcycle enthusiasts dream, bikes and bike experts everywhere. Motor-heads dream about a gathering like this so they can trade parts, information and just in general talk about motorcycles. It is fun for some, exciting for others and a spectacular event. Every year we have visitors from all over the world who stop by for a good visit and a quick check with family and friends. We wish everyone a safe rally! 

Fine Arts: Jim YellowHawk

Jim Yellow Hawk will be joining us this year for the Rally. Jim is well known for his "Motorcycle Art", he has a deep love of riding and his artwork reflects that appreciation. He will be here off and on all week so if you are wanting to meet Jim make sure you call first (800-541-2388) to make sure he is in.

New Artist!

Our artists are always creating, going to shows and learning every year better ways to create art and keep their culture alive. Some pieces are created with such knowledge and skill, this piece by Brenna Ravenshead (Oglala/Lakota) is sewn with real sinew on brain tanned deer hide. Her parents, Danita Bald Eagle and Chris Ravenshead have spent hours with Brenna and her two sisters teaching them the Lakota way of culture and art and this up-bringing is reflected in her work.

Thank you everyone for the support and Fall is coming!