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Welcome Fall!

September, 2011


wool trade cloth

Craft Sale: 20% off Trade Cloth

Wonderful for dresses, leggings and clouts, choose from our stock of old style trade cloth or our collection of wool broad cloth with a selvage edge.

* Sale ends September 30, 2011.


Ahhhh, September

This time of the year is known as Canapekasna Wi (When Leaves Fall). We celebrate this season by making room for newly harvested herbs, recharging for the upcoming holiday season, helping artists gather craft supplies for upcoming winter projects, and preparing for our last local Pow Wow of the season - He Sapa Wacipi - in October.


crazy horse shield
Remembering Crazy Horse
This month also marks the anniversary of the death of the visionary Lakota leader, Crazy Horse (Tashunkewitko). Known for his bravery, his legendary battles, and his struggle to preserve the Lakota culture, he lived a very private life and was known as a soft spoken man of few words.
He was killed September 5, 1877...and to this day, his death is shrouded in controversy.


bear spirit dance stick

New to the Native Gallery: Horse Dance Sticks
A warrior was one with his horse on the battlefield - they trusted each other and depended on one another for survival. A fallen horse was often immortalized in a carved likeness the warrior would use during honoring ceremonies.

Known as horse dance sticks, these pieces honored these special horses and expressed the liveliness and personality of specific, well-loved animals.

female crow doll

New to the Native Gallery: Dolls
Imbued with history, crafted with tradition, and adorned with tribal custom, Native American dolls were once (and some still are) lovingly created by mothers and grandmothers as gifts for their young daughters and granddaughters. They were used as tools to teach young girls how to care for their future families.

This month, we are excited to welcome a collection of Crow dolls by renowned doll maker Mary Lou Big Day!


Preserving the Lakota Language
The Lakota language has survived for thousands of years by way of oral tradition. History reveals this amazing language was carefully and purposefully passed to the next generation through the prayers, stories, and songs told by the generations before.

...and each time it was passed, it brought with it a special gift that not only gave people the ability to express themselves in spoken word, but this amazing language also preserved the culture, history, philosophy, and beliefs of the people.

Resources: Lakota Language Books & CDs.

Featured Herb: Sweetgrass
This month, we also welcome and make room for our new harvest of sweetgrass! People are attracted by the sight of the characteristic long braids of sweetgrass (wacanga in Lakota) as well as its unique scent. Braids of this herb are often used for purification during Native American smudging rituals as their sweet smell is said to please ALL the spirits.

Get Ready to Pow Wow
Our collection of Pow Wow music features the unmistakable sound of energetic drum rhythms and syncopated lyrics; our movies feature the unmistakable sights - dancers dressed in their finest regalia and their breathtaking performances.

October 7 - 9, our local He Sapa Wacipi (Black Hills Pow Wow) will feature over 700 dancers and 35 drum groups representing 57 different tribes. The theme for this year's Pow Wow is "Empowering Our Youth".

We are also excited to report the host drum is Bear Creek!

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